Keep of Shadowfell

Encounter One
Keep on the Shadowfell

Day 1 (Feb. 16 2009)

Encounter One

The adventures are on the road to Winterhaven, in search of their old mentor Douven Stauhl. When they stop for the night in Harkenwold, a small village along the King’s road to Winterhaven.

The adventures head to the local tavern, for food and drink, and a possible room for the night. Upon entering the tavern and ordering their food and drink, they are approach by an old dwarf. He mentions that there are creatures attacking the village at night, and ask for the adventures help in taken care of this threat. He offers 25g per person if they defeat the creatures.

When asked what type of creatures are responsible he mentions goblins. The adventures finish their food before heading off to the entrance of a small dungeon beneath the village.

The adventures head down the stairs into the corridor beneath the village. They come upon a group of 3 goblins playing cards around the table. The goblins offer no conversation but attack as soon as the party enters the room. Two more goblins hide in the shadows and attack from after the intial three goblins attack.

After approxiamately six turns, the party defeats the five goblins, and sets about looting the bodies and searching the room, before pressing on.


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